Terms & Conditions

The terms set forth below are brought to the attention of the customers and make the law of the parties. All orders must constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions of sale. Any registered order is considered firm and final and can not in any event be canceled.

Terms of payment

By credit card. On the other hand, the non-payment of any due date will result in the repayment of the entire outstanding balance and the suspension of deliveries. In case of dispute, the grant of jurisdiction is made, by mutual agreement, the courts of our head office.
Delivery time

1 to 2 weeks, this period is indicative only and shall in no case be exceeded, be invoked as a ground for cancellation of the order or refusal of the goods, or give rise to damages.


Our shipments will be made by post colissimo with a calculated plan. Receipt of goods - Transport dispute: our goods at the risk and peril of the recipient. All deliveries must be checked before use: it is up to the recipient to formulate precise and detailed reservations on the carrier's receipt and confirm to the latter, within 48 hours, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Only the recipient exerts its action against the carrier in case of delays, shortages, damage, in accordance with Articles 105 and 106 of commerce. Complaints about the quality of the goods, to the exclusion of any transport of dispute must be made immediately upon delivery or collection in our institution when it comes to an apparent defect and the three days of such delivery, or removal, in the case of a hidden defect at first.


Any return of goods shall be subject to prior approval from us, it must be shipped freight prepaid.

Retention of title

Our goods remain our property until full payment. The purchaser personally requires respect of the vendor that does not have by any means whatsoever, either in full ownership or by formation of wages, goods purchased prior to full payment. In case of opposition by the buyer to the return of unpaid goods, a simple summary order worth canceling the sale and Authorization to return the goods. Down payments we remain acquired as damages. Despite the retention of title clause, the purchaser shall bear all risks of transport as well as those that may occur from taking possession of the goods. It must ensure accordingly and bear the costs.